Gas Plant Construction

Servicing the Energy industry, as most of us know, can come with its challenges. Challenges in which we work with the clients to overcome and push through to complete the project on time, as this is critical to Oil & Gas industries. Over the years, we at On Demand Concrete Solutions have completed a number of: tank farms, pump stations, material handling facilities, production facilities, etc.

Commercial Warehouses

We at On Demand Concrete Solutions pride ourselves in quality of work. Our customers our proud of seeing a beautiful end result each and every time. From pump, place and finish to sawcut and sealing. Each and every job is different and very important to us and our clients. To ensure quality we constantly invest back into the company to complete jobs to the highest standards.

Structural Slabs / Large Slab Pour / Exterior Drive lanes

These are extremely important, and are crucial to a safe secure building/parkade. “spare no expense” attitude on anything structural is crucial to passing inspections and quality control. We have completed countless of these types of projects deemed “too difficult” by competitors.

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